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Do Women Want Sex?

The verdict is in that they do just not the sort that has been on offer up to this point. Time and again women are feeling ‘if this is the way sex is going to be I don’t want anything to do with it.’

Since an alternative is relatively unknown women shut down to sex. This is the ongoing narrative for women all over the world today.

Usually, when couples first partner up sex is exciting and stimulating. When we fall in love with one another we aren’t thinking about what our sex life is going to be like with this person in days and years to come. We have a neurochemical protection system built into sex that gets undetectably activated that “keeps” us in love for up to two years. This system helps to balance our hormones and keeps us from looking for novel partners. After this time is over we are left without this protection system and we need to have an alternative system in place if we want to continue on with our loving connection we’ve enjoyed thus far.

PVI (penis-vaginal-intercourse) turns out to be the most harmonizing type of sex we can enjoy to balance our hormones and to stay in love! Its a win win!

The only catch is that we need to be able to learn a new way to make love. One where the penis can gently stay inside the vagina for longer than two minutes.

Its an easy and fun way to connect and stay connected. Literally in the sex act and in our everyday lives. Sounds like with all that connection people will swiftly be able to heal from depression and loneliness!

More and more men and women are choosing to stay in love this way. Some people call it Karezza. There are many names for it including the Toaist name Angelic Dual Cultivation, angelic meaning heavenly or higher conscious states and dual meaning two or equal and cultivation meaning a gathering of energy rather than depleting it or draining it out of the body.

Paul Bragg, the health guru that has been famous for his organic raw vinegar, called it Transmutation of the Reproductive Energy meaning through this beautiful approach of uniting through sexual union we have the opportunity to transform our energy from our reproductive biology to use it for love, strength, endurance, and creativity in our lives. There are many other names I’ll include them in future blogs.

Sometimes when women first hear about this method and learn that the penis will stay in the vagina longer they will say ‘I don’t want that.’ They are thinking of standard sex, and think that they will have to tolerate more thrusting for longer, but thankfully that is not the case.

Karezza is so incredibly gentle that its more like a massage every time you make love. It brings such peace and relaxation it can feel as if you are floating on a cloud. Because this method of uniting is so enjoyable women unexpectedly want to make love more often.

Men let go of the anxiety ridden terror they have to stay erect for sex. Their greatest fear being that they will be a bad lover if they don’t stay hard.

With karezza, erections just come and go during the course of lovemaking and its no big deal. The fears are replaced by presence between two lovers. Erections are are no longer sourced from fantasy they are sourced from sheer relaxation and love. Because erections are organically derived they produce wonderfully delightful sensations that have never been experienced before. It opens up a whole new world of lovemaking for partners.

This new way of making love is in plain sight we just need to open our hearts, receive some guidance, welcome our emotionality, and trust our bodies natural ability to unite!

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