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Hi, I’m Katie! 

As a small child I began to fight, alongside my activist father, with a passion for causes that were dear to my heart. I’ve worked tirelessly at City Hall to protect families from gun violence in Los Angeles County. As a mother of three, this line of activism took a back seat as I began to raise my children and school them at home. Despite my time spent away from marches and vigils, the part of me that desired to protect and be of service to people never left me.

In the last 10 years, Karezza and Tantric lovemaking have been at the forefront of my studies. I have accomplished tantric sex mentorship and attended workshops to further my knowledge in sexual wellness.

My work as a Coach is to see the full picture. To connect physical, spiritual and scientific analysis to optimally support my client’s needs.

I currently reside in my hometown sunny Santa Barbara, CA.

KAtie corzen

The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.


- Neale Donald Walsch

My Story

"Every session with Katie feels like a gentle unveiling of my own treasure box of truth; truths that I have buried, disguised, or bypassed both in the present and throughout my life due to the society and culture that I live in. All of these truths, I now know, are bound by layers of tangible emotions that once acknowledged, unlock an incredible intimacy, honesty, and trust with myself. And begin to cultivate the foundation for a partnership that finds freedom through sharing intimacy.  

This is growth-work. I have learned to incorporate simple, daily authenticity practices or personal sexuality practices that deeply connect me to my emotions, my sexuality, and ground my external expression. Through these practices, I contribute to laying the groundwork for a partnered sexual practice that is sustainable and shared, rooted in shared power, shared depth, shared presence.


This work with Katie is as intense as it is subtle, disconcerting as it is illuminating, maturating as it is softening. Beautiful and whole.” -Leah


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