In the fall of 2011 my husband revealed to me that he had been looking at porn for the past ten years. In that moment my whole world turned upside down. 


If this story sounds all too familiar to you, than we’ve got a lot in common.


During that time I felt outraged, betrayed and alone. I was a full time mother homeschooling my three children. I didn’t know what this devastating change would mean for my marriage and family. Inside I was screaming for help. How could we move forward? 


It took me time, but eventually I was able to crawl out of this negative spiral, and create a life that I wanted for me and my family.


I began to study porn/sex addiction and discovered it is a serious problem. It wasn’t “just dirty pictures.” Its an addiction that is extremely difficult to overcome.


Being the investigator that I am, I uncovered answers to questions that I had craved to know my whole life. I became versed in modern neuroscience breakthroughs, EFT, EMDR, Intimacy Anorexia, NoFap, PAWS, Karezza, and many others. The more I learned the more optimistic I became. 



Throughout my relationship I thought there had to be something wrong with me. 


Well, guess what? It wasn’t my addiction, but it impacted my life.


I realized that life not only could get better, but life could become more fulfilling than I had ever dreamed possible. From then on, everything changed dramatically. Once I understood the problem, I was finally able to live my life on my own terms.

I live every day from the heart. I choose love over fear. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’m still learning. I love sharing all of it with you through my blogs, workshops, speaking at events, social media and more!


I offer insightful sessions that help you make the progress you need. Exploring your patterns and values, learning new practices and tools to repair your connection to the life you truly want.

I’m excited to help you find validation and solutions. To help you navigate your relationship with yourself or with your partner on your road to a rich life.

I got you!

The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.


- Neale Donald Walsch

My Story

"Every session with Katie feels like a gentle unveiling of my own treasure box of truth; truths that I have buried, disguised, or bypassed both in the present and throughout my life due to the society and culture that I live in. All of these truths, I now know, are bound by layers of tangible emotions that once acknowledged, unlock an incredible intimacy, honesty, and trust with myself. And begin to cultivate the foundation for a partnership that finds freedom through sharing intimacy.  

This is growth-work. I have learned to incorporate simple, daily authenticity practices or personal sexuality practices that deeply connect me to my emotions, my sexuality, and ground my external expression. Through these practices, I contribute to laying the groundwork for a partnered sexual practice that is sustainable and shared, rooted in shared power, shared depth, shared presence.


This work with Katie is as intense as it is subtle, disconcerting as it is illuminating, maturating as it is softening. Beautiful and whole.” -Leah