Coaching Options:

(For Individuals)

(For Individuals)

(With Your Partner)

From Recovery

To Reclaimed Intimacy


Partners of Sex Addiction

When you have discovered that your partner has betrayed you through porn/sex addiction you can feel devastated. It can be remarkably beneficial for you to have someone in your court that specializes in sex addiction. This type of coaching compassionately guides your progress towards a balanced and thriving life.


Reclaimed Intimacy

When you experience trauma it can disrupt your sexual expression. It’s important after a betrayal that you begin to trust your body once again. This type of coaching focuses first on restoring healthy intimacy with yourself, and when you’re ready, explore what you need to begin to share intimacy with a partner.


Couples Coaching

Both partners express your specific needs in a compassionate space. I will guide you to effectively bridge the betrayal sever with boundary setting, commitments and actions to repair the relationship. I use a comprehensive trajectory in your coaching sessions where all aspects of your lives deepen and expand.