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What does Tantric Sex and Karezza feel like?

A heightened sensory awareness throughout your whole body, all tension is relieved, a euphoric joy fills your heart and you feel calmed and content.

Coaching for Singles

Dive into the depths of tantric sex and explore what suits your needs. Learning new practices and expanding our emotional literacy and bodies can take time and there can be mountains to move along the way. I will guide you every step of the way as you discover how tantric sex and karezza practices for singles can heal and empower you.

couples coaching

Coaching for Couples

Redefine lovemaking through learning practices that will connect you with one another. Intimacy is like a mirror, we reflect each other. To create a safe space to explore, it's helpful to have support to navigate this terrain. In each session I will compassionately guide you and your partner towards bliss and sustained harmony within your relationship.

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