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Let’s Talk About: ‘You’re Like a Centerfold!’

My ex-husband years ago, when we were married, told me “you’re like a centerfold” as if to say that I was “porn worthy.” To me, it seemed like he wanted me to know that he put me above women in porn. As if I was so beautiful that I was centerfold quality. As twisted as this sounded to me, I thought that he was attempting to flatter me. Or so he wanted me to believe.

Many of these types of memories have been coming back to me. Did I really take that as a compliment? Was I conditioned to think this way because I knew that the first centerfold was the ever alluring Marilyn Monroe?

When I think of Marilyn Monroe there seems to be something that lies beyond her woundedness. Something all women feel deep down. That we long to connect somehow someway to our true sensuality.

We’ve never been taught why its so important to truly understand the inner workings of our delicate yet powerfully deep sexual energy. Marilyn undeniably radiated her natural receptivity that drew most people to her. We just can’t take our eyes off of her.

So why did this amazing woman allow herself to be used? There are so many answers, from survival to fixation to mental illness. Aside from her fatal mistake of allowing her image to be used for someone else’s, “sexual pleasure,” she seemed to be trying to tell us something. What? Maybe it was simply, ‘women you are important and your sexual energy is important.’

I don’t know a lot about the icon, but I do know something about the woman and she desperately wanted to be a mother. Motherhood is the root of our sexual energy. It is intrinsically connected to the source of our sexual energy through our womb.

When we can get past the misconceptions surrounding our sexuality and how we express it, we can finally become conscious of the truth. We have been systematic lied to for centuries about our primary source of energy - our sexual energy. We continually stay fixated, preoccupied and out of our minds over all the confusion.

The truth that I’ve found is that we don’t have to dream about embodied love anymore, we can actually live awakened to this inner power each and every day. We can radiate our love from this source to power our most intimate moments to our most mundane tasks.

We don’t have to believe that there is such thing as “pussy power.” Come on girls do you know how this sounds? We refuse to be objectified but yet we are supporting our own dissection? What?? And all this focus on pleasure! Lovemaking is so much more than using our bodies to generate pleasure. So many sexual “healers” of all sorts are on the bandwagon to “increase pleasure.” This is barking up the wrong tree. If we don’t change our mindset on sex than the next generations will continue on this same treadmill of disconnection and lies and on and on the patriarchal control goes.

There is no time to waste to get in touch with the reality of our sexual energy.

There are real answers that have emerged in recent times and we no longer need to suffer from lack of connection and love.

Let’s not bypass the most important source of power we have by continuing to eulogize human reactions that we have been systematically taught.

It is clear there was a very distinct plan.

The Rockafellers funded U.S. Eugenics Studies under the guise of Human Sexuality that produced Alfred Kinsey and Masters & Johnson “studies” which eventually led to our sexual conditioning, primarily through schooling.

Hugh Hefner is on record saying, that he had the idea for Playboy magazine from Alfred Kinsey’s book Sexual Behavior of the Human Male first published in 1948. Playboy debuted in 1953.

Awakening our sexual energy doesn’t need to be impractical or unimaginable with the right skills and an open heart.

Modern neuroscience has proclaimed that we are all more common than not. This truth tells us that our sexual energy is no exception, we can learn how to steer, align, connect, radiate and transmute this exquisite essential capacity.

There is so, so much more!

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