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Let's Talk About: Men Want Karezza More Than Women?

Males feel defeated in sex, because when they engage in sex they ejaculate within minutes of beginning the sexual act. Many men see this problem and want to fix it, but usually don’t know how. Once they find out there is an alternative way to make love they are very interested in giving it a try. But, this proves difficult because when they attempt to make this change with their partner, she inevitably doesn’t understand or can’t trust it. She doesn’t trust him already in sex because the history of having unfulfilled sex makes her conclude that he doesn’t really know anything about sex. Yes. It’s quite a trap. Round and round this cycle goes.

Men want to be inside of a woman for longer periods of time. But, when they make love they end up feeling like a failure because of losing their original intention. They feel as if their sexual expression is not being fulfilled. They may even feel like their chance to express themselves sexually was taken away.

Most men that have committed to bringing Karezza into their lives have found that extended periods of lovemaking have drastically reduced these feelings of failure.

They feel less out of control in sex and in their daily life choices. Their anger, shame, and frustration with themselves and others is greatly reduced.

Men feel like their penis and their whole body have found a home with embracing Karezza.

Women assume that this type of lovemaking is passive and not action oriented enough. We think there is a correlation with a women’s trend right now about tapping into their wild side. They seem to conclude that the wild side, or their primal female wildness is equivalent to being a boundless pursuer. So this creates a type of domination dynamic for the woman’s part in sex. And, if this is the case will put man square in the passive role. He feels like he needs to retreat. Which is why women, on a massive scale, feel rejected by men.

Women are reporting more and more feelings of loneliness and depression. Suicide has tremendously increased in both sexes in recent times.

In Karezza, the woman is predominately receptive but not passive. The definition of passive is submissive, and docile. Receptive, on the other hand, means responsive and able to hold.

Also, receptivity means being open and its very difficult for a woman to be open without being able to trust a man in sex. This is where doing emotional work is a necessity to be able to completely relax into sex. Trust must to be built first.

Man is predominately the sender. He sends his love energy by directing it into her body.

Doing something slower that you’re used to doing faster can seem passive and boring at first. But, the truth is that its the opposite. When the penis is allowed to be inside the woman’s body the waves of love radiate throughout her being. There is much more movement in Karezza, but in a different way, because the bodies are still and then there is movement and on and on for as many hours as you like.

The patriarchal shut-down through societal conditioning is that men are taught a sex that blocks out their capability to give and women’s capability to receive. With conventional sex there is too much friction, heat, stimulus, and not enough time given to sexual intimacy and the energy gets burned up and both people are left exhausted. Yes, there are feelings of euphoria, exhilaration and love but it isn’t sustainable.

How frustrating!

Because we have two fundamental ways that we can make love. It is very possible to eliminate, to a large degree, our frustration once we’ve experienced karezza for ourselves.

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