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Is it Possible to Bloom Without the Gloom?

Probably not.

Because embracing our grief, sadness, loss is all part of the inside job it takes to move forward once we have experienced trauma. But it doesn’t have to be bittersweet. When we feel into the present moment right down to our toes while we are blooming we can embrace joy. Those moments begin to expand from hours to days until we finally look back and we can see how far we’ve come. Many times when we felt it was impossible to get unstuck we triumphed by continually investing in ourselves. We are worth it! We know that now!

It’s not likely that at the end of our busy day we’ll feel motivated to hold space for our active grief however, that is exactly what its going to take to heal.

As we bloom we mature and feel a self-assuredness that is utterly delicious. Delicious because our aliveness fuses with our awareness. Yipee!

We know that we are here to give and receive love. We know that relationship is the most important thing. But now, to actually embody it is how we can in fact live it!

Bringing in daily practices that remind our woman’s body that informs our cells - yes I’ve got you, no I won’t let anyone harm you again - this is how we’ve always wanted to live: through love!

Learning emotional literacy and acceptance of our feelings brings us home.

The gloom of unresolved past emotions continue to come forth throughout our lives, but we don’t have to allow this energy to block us from joy that is here in this moment. We can breathe into our cells and allow the energy from within to lift us to create an opportunity for healing.

Integration of our emotions is the way to go!

In our hectic day to day lives many things will continue to try our patience and test our faith, but we can always choose to go back to the body. Our body will continually, without fail, remind us of our true essence and power. It is always here for us and we will continue to get stronger with this knowing as we recommit each day to view ourselves as the temple that we are.

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